US court dismisses trademark case over ‘Uber’ name

uberOn January 2, 2018, the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida has dismissed a trademark case involving IT provider Uber Operations and global taxi operator company Uber Technologies (Uber).

On December 25, 2017, the case was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice by Uber Operations.

In August 2017, Uber Operations had filed a trademark complaint against Uber technologies, asking the court to enjoin taxi-hailing company from using the Uber name.

In 2012, Uber Operations registered ‘Uber Operations’ under US trademark number 4,173,895, covering “advisory services in the field of product development and quality improvement” in class 42, and project management services in class 35. It has also registered ‘UberXchange’ and ‘UberMover’ as trademarks in the US.

Uber Operations also owns multiple domain names, such as, while Uber owns the domain name

“The transportation company’s use of the ‘Uber’ mark was causing customer confusion due to the brand similarity. We have received thousands of correspondences intended for Uber, resulting in lost time and productivity”, the claim said.

“Uber Operations has no adequate remedy at law relative to the continued and future harm expected to be suffered from Uber’s continued conduct,” the complaint said.

(Credits: GDN Domain)


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