Moosehead Breweries asks to dismiss trademark case

moosehead-breweriesMoosehead Breweries has asked the US District Court for the District of Vermont to dismiss its trademark infringement case against Hop’N Moose.

On January 04, 2018, Moosehead had filed a notice to voluntarily dismiss the claim without prejudice.

In October 2017, Moosehead Breweries had filed a suit alleging that Hop’N Moose’s logo and beer bottles were highly similar to Moosehead's family of registered trademarks.

According to reports, ‘Moosehead’ trademarks, which have been used since 1931 in connection with alcohol, include the word ‘Moose’ and ‘Moosehead’, as well as the design of a moose head and antlers.

The trademarks, covering alcohol and consumer goods, such as drinking glasses, clothing and bumper stickers, have been used in the US since the 1970s.

According to the claim, the products are similar to Moosehead’s family of registered trademarks including US trademark numbers 1,598,511; 1,217,629; and 1,597,390.

The suit claimed that as a result of the similarity between the marks, members of the purchasing public familiar with Moosehead’s products and Moosehead’s ‘Moosehead’ trademarks are likely to be confused, misled or deceived into thinking that the products of defendant are products of Moosehead.

Moosehead had sought an order to stop Hop’N Moose infringing the Moosehead registered marks.


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