Harley-Davidson wins trademark case against counterfeiters

Harley-DavidsonHarley Davidson successfully won a permanent injunction against a group of counterfeiters allegedly running internet stores to sell fake goods to US consumers.

The US District court banned the counterfeiters from making or selling goods featuring the Harley-Davidson trademarks and the online marketplaces were ordered to cease providing services for the defendants.

Harley Davidson owns numerous US registered trademarks including number 0,507,163 for the ‘Harley-Davidson’ name, first registered in 1949, and 4,771,442 for the skull logo used for “a full line of jewellery in class 14”.

Harley-Davidson is also entitled to damages of $500,000 from each defendant.

In November 2017, Harley-Davidson sued the counterfeiters, allegedly from China the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

“Many of the defendants’ internet stores look sophisticated and accept payment in US dollars via credit cards, Western Union and PayPal. They often include content and images that make it very difficult for consumers to distinguish such stores from an authorized retailer,” Harley Davidson said in the complaint.

In May 2017, Harley Davidson was granted an injunction against a group of Chinese counterfeiters and awarded $1 million statutory damages from each of the defaulting defendants for willful use of counterfeit Harley-Davidson trademarks.

(Credits: Harleydavidsonbikepics)

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