Blackberry enters patent licensing deal with Teletry

BlackberryBlackberry signed an agreement with Teletry, according to which, Teletry will have the right to sublicense a range of BlackBerry patents to smartphone manufacturers.

Teletry was launched in February 2017, to create joint licensing platforms.

According to the deal between the two parties, BlackBerry will retain ownership of approximately 40,000 patents and applications, which cover networking infrastructure, messaging, enterprise software and cyber security, while continuing to operate its own licensing program.

Confirming the news, Teletry said, “We are pleased to be working with one of the pioneers of the modern smartphone who created one of the most valuable patent portfolios in the industry.”

“Through our new licensing program, we are looking forward to working with global smartphone manufacturers to license these innovative technology assets,” Teletry added.

According to recent reports, Blackberry had agreed a licensing deal with Android handset maker Blu Products.

Victor Schubert, a patent licensing director who was tasked with monetizing Blackberry’s IP, had left the company in October 2017 followed by the departure of Mark Kokes; who led the company’s overall patent strategy.


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