Ranjan Narula Mayur VarshneyWith the luxury industry growing, the black market industry or counterfeiting industry is also growing - both in the real and virtual world. The intent of the Indian government is to curb this activity if not completely eliminate the menace. Thus, effective co-operation of both brand owners and authorities will help to send out a strong message to counterfeiters…

- Ranjan Narula, Managing Partner, [RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys]
- Mayur Varshney, Associate, [RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys]

Manisha Singh Aniruddh SinghWhile transfer of technology involves a number of financial and legal aspects, including IP issues, there are certain key elements that every technology transfer agreement must have. Read on to find out…

- Manisha Singh, Partner, [LexOrbis]
- Aniruddh Singh, Associate, [LexOrbis]

Gitanjali Bhatnagar Archana ShankerWith the advent of AI, Big Data and the IoT, there have been further challenges on how to apply law and protection mechanisms to innovations. The latest guidelines released by the IPO are a step forward in this direction…

- Gitanjali Bhatnagar, Director, [Anand and Anand]
- Archana Shanker, Senior Partner, [Anand and Anand]

Nikhil Chawla

Indian courts, as opposed to US district and circuit courts, have left various questions unanswered when it comes to infringement and copyright protection of characters both literary and nonliterary...

- Nikhil Chawla, Associate, [Singh and Singh Law Firm LLP]

debolina partap11211

The writer proposes nurturing and protecting individual leadership styles so as to usher synergies in management of organizations...

- Debolina Partap, General Counsel and Vice President - Legal, [Wockhardt Group]


The Wright Brothers may have won the long-standing patent suit against Glenn Hammond Curtiss but they are often accused of stunting innovation in the aviation industry...

- Dr Anindya Sircar, IP Consultant

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