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Aakriti Raizada

The Founder & Managing Editor Legal Media Group, Aakriti Raizada, ARA Legal Media Group, has added another feather to her hat by launching IP Era magazine. IP Era is centered to Intellectual Property Rights and everything related to IPR. At its initial stages IP Era will be circulated pan India to the IP, Legal and Business Community. Our priority is not the number of copies circulated but the number of readers who gain considerate knowledge and profound interest to know the law inside out.

IP ERA initiates to protect the interest of creators and serves the purpose of readers. IP rights are the legally recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind. We are thus privileged to introduce IP Era that rewards Creativity and Innovation. It intends to connect the society and the innovators.

We at IP Era make sure that we help the businesses to maintain a healthy competition on the basis of the reputation by sharing insights on how IPR affects economic growth and trade.

The IP Era Magazine is for:

Private Practice – Ensuring you are informed of all the latest IP trends that impact you and your clients.

In-house counsel – IP strategy and objective assessment to help you protect, leverage and monetise your IP portfolio.

Covering patentstrademarkscopyrightlicensinginternet lawdesign and brand management, IP Era is your essential IP information resource.

  • Detailed industry analysis from the world’s leading IP lawyers
  • Case commentary and in-depth, unbiased court reports
  • The latest IP trends explored and debated
  • Interviews with high profile and influential figures
  • IP strategy and best practice for in-house counsel


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